Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I got caught!

Hello blog friends.
Hmmm, I guess some of you got that suspicious frontal lobe working on what evil have I done (this time), LOL. 
It's a secret no more😱! DH has seen "The Record." I was working on it on not-so-late nights...when he came out the bedroom for a glass of water. I played it cool (I think) continuing to stitch while mentally ordering him to "go away, please go away.🙈" But maybe he sensed even the slight uneasiness of my needle, haha. Anyway, he seemed to genuinely appreciate the effort. Well, he hasn't seen it completed yet so it may still surprise him.
So that was some nights ago. And after that, the needle begged me to stitch overtime. There's something about being caught that makes you want to prove your worth😅...

The bright side of the story is... I get to stitch black and gray anytime of the day now😉

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Stitching brown & red (& more art fr. Gainsville)

Hello sweet blog friends.
So happy to share with you another progress report.
 The reindeer finally made an appearance. Of course I had to put that red belt on him, dapper isn't he?👍
Unfortunately, I haven't received my Rum Raisin order yet. It looks like I won't be having an August finish.

I was able to set time for more museum pictures though. Let's take a trip to some continents courtesy of the Harn Museum of Art:
 That's the Hammering Man, a 24-foot steel sculpture just outside the museum.
 They have a new exhibit (started August 16, just a day before we visited) called Aftermath.
 At the information desk they were giving flyers and advising (esp. those with kids) of the graphic content in the gallery. But this is an eye-opener on the physical as well as emotional effects of war on both people from America and the Middle East. (Non-flash photography is permitted).
Next gallery features portraits of Frida Kahlo. Little niece said she knows about her because they discussed her in class, so she really found this interesting:
Some artifacts from Mexico:
 The Modern Gallery:
The Asian Collection features ceramics, jades, sculptures:
 Jades (1644-1911):
 Look how detailed they are, fascinating:)
 Sculptures from India:
Shiva and Uma sandstone (10th century) 
 Dancing Ganesh black stone (13th century)

Kogo incense boxes from Japan  (16th to 19th century):
 Contemporary Japanese ceramics:
The African Wing features Dress Masquerades of Ghana and Zara Masks of Burkina Faso:
 This concludes my museum visits in Gainesville. Now I only have that one DC museum to organize. Until next time.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Prairie Stars

Hello blog friends. I hope everything is fine at your end.
A lot of stitching progress on Prairie Stars! (Take note, this is not a before and after pic😊
I can't seem to get a clearer picture with the white aida at night (or even in the day). I got in the mood with the third frame once it started looking like stained glass (well, to me). And I couldn't resist putting the "reindeer" (I know it's not there, haha)... then with the dark thread already cut why not continue with the letters. So there you have it, I think it's more than 25% done. And because I got so caught up with that, museum pictures will have to wait (who's waiting for it anyway, right?)
Update on "We Thank Thee" sampler: I listened to the stitching experts out there, just ordered the Rum Raisin... along with a pattern and fabric, another haha. Hope it arrives before August ends so I can have a month's finish. 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Record stitching

Hello again friends.
Quick update on "For the Record":
More instruments added. Only black floss came through the needle since last night, still have that missed spot on the "U."
I'm still sorting the other Gainesville museum pictures. Oooh, I still owe you one more DC museum which was my favorite one.
Anyway, on our way last Tuesday, I got to stitch a lot on the road because little niece minded her own business (with the tablet or my phone if she's not sleeping or singing), here's one that made her day:
 No, we didn't go to any of those places advertised in our rest stop. BUT, the area happens to be a "PokeStop" and "Gym":👍
 She and Big Niece were able to takeover this Mickey Mouse "gym" for a while until we had to move on. Isn't that cool?
Thursday afternoon (we were already on our way back), Big Niece texted us this (she went out to get her new ID):
Who would have thought Univ. of Florida is a PokeLand! If only Little niece could go back, LOL.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Travel Stitching

Hello blog friends.
I'm back from Gainesville (since 10:30PM Thursday to be exact). Friday I had to work super early so no stitching possible. This Saturday I finished my blog reading (and commenting) yay! Finally, I'm able to give you some update (on) which one I brought along. It wasn't "For the Record" nor "Prairie Stars," it was this:
 I was in a great bright spot and little niece was busy doing her own thing (Pokemon Go among others).
 Five hours of travel yielded lots of progress, right?
And on the night of the 17th I got as far as this (I hope you can see the paper's date):
I, unfortunately, didn't have enough of Rum Raisin. I'm still weighing if I should buy another batch or finish it with DMC 154.
Anyway, what else have we done while waiting for Big Niece' orientation to end? Since it's little niece' first time to go around town with us, we couldn't pass up on the Butterfly Museum (actually I wanted to see them again!)
She enjoyed seeing the stages and was excited seeing how the people do these mounting, see for yourself:
 And some things I haven't shown from my first trip in UF's Natural Museum:
 Little niece posed with the "Jellyfish" (if you know her history with this one...remember the bookmark I stitched for her?)
And of course I had to take this picture to say this is the end of my post. There's another museum next time!

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